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Omnisoft, based in Sweden, offers a wide range of Java consultant services:
  • Java advanced software development: Applets and Applications. 
  • Web Database development 
  • Java Servlets programming. 
  • User interface, concept and design.
We are specialists on web database development. We have thourough knowledge and experience in the following
technologies: Java, Swing Servlets, JDBC, Java-Beans, Javascript, HTML, XML, ASP, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic and more


Omnisoft is specialized in Java software development. Although we may use C API in our Java projects - our solutions in Java will be more cost efficient for the contractor, than they would be in a C/C++, Visual Basic, and other implementations. Since early adoption, dramatic performance improvements have been made to the Java virtual machine (JVM) implementations and just-in-time (JIT) compilation technologies, and today, the best Java technology-combinations are executing at 90% of the speed of highly optimized native code.

Omnisoft is dedicated to real-world, object-oriented, concept, analysis and implementation. Java is a key prerequisite to implement efficient, scalable, platform independent, Applets and Applications. The source code and software that Omnisoft deliver is very structured and truly object-oriented.


Omnisoft is not only doing business for Internet/Intranet solutions, but also, at a great extent, Omnisoft is using the Internet as a distributed development infrastructure.

This fact makes Omnisoft developers very comfortable with network environments and its technologies. Java has many built-in advantages for developing internet based client-server systems, most important being platform independence, dynamic component based applets (only the piece of code that is actually used is downloaded), standardized built in support for internet resource handling (via URL), robust point-to-point connections with sockets; multicast-sockets and more.

Web Database Development

Omnisoft has the expertise competence in the latest development of the broad Java platform. If your company e.g. needs: customized high-security web transactions; intelligent, complex server applications; secure transmissions on high-load, high performance Web connected database; Omnisoft has the knowledge, experience and talents to design and implement diverse corporate requirements. Omnisoft AB.
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